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Unraveling the Impact of the "Judicial Reform" on Israeli Courts

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Beyond Reasonableness From Judicial Decisions to Executive Actions. What happens next?

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Israel's Democracy Under Attack, A Timeline

*Courtesy of Haaretz

Coup Legislation Update (August 1, 2023) 

The status of 225 Coup Laws that entered into the legislative process, by Dr. Gayil Talshir.  

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Israel’s Recent “Unreasonableness Amendment” and its Implications

In this memo the Israeli Law Professors' Forum for Democracy explains the “Unreasonableness Amendment,” which was enacted by the Israeli Knesset on July 24th, 2023, its meaning, and the coming steps.

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Reasonableness or Lawlessness? 

Why is the Israeli government aiming to revoke the Reasonableness Doctrine? What’s at stake if the Reasonableness Doctrine is abolished? Stay informed and get answers to frequently asked questions about the Reasonableness Doctrine and how it ties into the judicial overhaul in Israel. 

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Why Must World Jewry Stand Up for Israeli Democracy

Urgent Call to Action by Usa for Israeli Democracy


Israel’s Democracy Q&A

Where are we at - June 2023 update by USA for Israeli Democracy


Israel's Checks and Balances Compared to Other Countries

The government claims that in other countries, the politicians pick the judges. So why is there such resistance here?  

Legislation Update for the Knesset's Summer Session as of June 19, 2023

An update and mapping of pending bills to the five stages of the Hungarian Protocol 

Israel: The Judicial Coup - Proposals and Impact

Judicial appointments; Legal advisors in government ministries; Judicial review of Basic Laws; Override clause; Reasonableness Doctrine.

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A Summary Opinion Concerning the Revolutionary Regime Transformation Proposed by Israel’s Government

Israel’s new Government is currently advancing a host of far-reaching constitutional and legal changes. The Israeli Law Professors’ Forum for Democracy analysis of these proposals leads it to conclude that their adoption  will irrevocably harm the Israeli democratic system.

Reform or Revolution? A Brief Roadmap for Israel’s Judicial Overhaul as a Constitutional Moment 

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Overview of the judicial overhaul, what has happened and what comes next.

Courtesy of Stanford International Policy Review

The Law Professors' Forum’s Response to the Government's Proposal to allow the Coalition to Appoint Judges (the "Softened" proposal)

A plan to seize control of the Supreme Court by appointing its next President and two of its judges. This proposal is neither a compromise nor a weakened version of any previous proposal.

Yuval Noah Harari: Netanyahu's Next Power Grab Is Coming. Here's How to Prepare.   

The coalition’s attempt to dismantle Israeli democracy has been halted temporarily by an unprecedented show of public opposition. But it will try again, and we must be ready for the worst-case scenario.  

Posted with permission by Haartez. Please visit link to share Harari's article

Anti-democratic Legislation During the First Winter Session of the 25th Knesset

The Legislation follows "The Hungarian Protocol'" five stages: abolishing the independence of the judiciary, undermining proper public administration and election provisions, takeover of public and free media, violation of individual and minority rights including women and LGBT, religious coercion, and limitations to freedom of expression – in academia, culture, and art.

The Threats to Women's Rights by the Proposed Legislation

These are the laws that the Government is planning for women: “Modest” dress required in public areas Courts lose the authority to protect women and more...

What is in Store for the Second Stage of the Judicial Coup?

The first stage of the judicial coup is to strip the judiciary, including the Supreme Court, from its authority to strike down laws which violate rights or discriminate. If this will be accomplished by the ruling coalition, then at the second stage they will have the freedom to pass new legislation, at their whim.

Help us save Israeli Democracy 

Israel faces one its greatest threats in its 75 year history - and is fighting for its very soul.  Why Israel needs its American friends and allies to stand with it and make clear Americans support an Israel with a strong and resilient democracy!

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