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Attack on the Justice System- Chief Justice Esther Hayut’s Public Address

Judicial reform supporters stomped on the images of Israel’s Supreme Court’s justices in a protest sponsored by the Israeli government. Some of the main speakers at this protest were government ministers, including the Minister of Justice (April 27, 2023).

In late April, in a government-backed protest in support of the regime coup, on the taxpayer dime, images of Supreme Court Justices were laid on the ground for protestors to stomp on, an action reminiscent of the most oppressive regimes. These shocking sights followed months of inciteful statements against Justice Hayut from government ministers and coalition members.

Why is there so much hate from Netanyahu and his government directed toward the Supreme Court and Chief Justice Hayut?

One of the reasons is a rare public address by Chief Justice Hayut from mid-January, where she clearly articulated what the government's proposed legislation is really about. Her speech signaled to the Israeli public the scope and breadth of the Attack on the Justice System and the threat to the Judicial branch, to Human Rights, and to Israeli Democracy itself.

(Translated and created by the volunteer team of creatives at USA for Israeli Democracy)

chief justice Esther Hayut public address
"With the fall of the court there is no salvation for man" Menachem Begin (1952)

Watch excerpts from the full public address by topic:

Excerpt 1 - Attack on the Justice System

Excerpt 2 - Majority Rule

Excerpt 3 - Protecting Human Rights

Excerpt 4 - Overriding Human Rights

Excerpt 5 - The Reasonableness Doctrine

Excerpt 6 - A Responsible Supreme Court

Excerpt 7 - Judges Do Not Select themselves

Excerpt 8 - Politicizing Judgeship Appointments

Excerpt 9 - Checks & Balances


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April 28, 2024

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