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The Judicial Coup – Knowledge Bank and Toolkit

The Judicial Coup – Knowledge Bank and Toolkit

September 28, 2023

With the conclusion of 2023 and the approach of the fall holidays, we at the Israeli Law Professors’ Forum for Democracy decided to take some time for introspection, to review the position papers that we have prepared and distributed, and combine the information into one short and crisp document.

We hope that this document will serve as an information source and toolbox for you anytime you need reliable and accurate information to counter the claims of those in favor of the judicial coup.

The document is divided into a number of topics and contains links to each position paper published by the Forum. One can find an analysis of the different regime changes, an examination of the claims brought to justify the changes, suggestions for the construction of a correct and worthy constitution, points of comparison with many other countries, an examination of the effects of the regime changes, an examination of additional legislative changes being advanced, and possible steps to take in response.

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